Ironman Maryland

Hats off to Gerry Boyle and all his crew,
And all of Cambridge too! You’ve done us proud!
From all around the world, you’ve drawn a crowd
of racers, families and friends. You knew,
from Eagleman, that IRONMAN could do
well here. Two thousand strong, the racers wowed
us all. With our applause and cries aloud,
we honored one and all their effort true.

The racers swam, then biked, then ran to gain
the prize: accomplishment, esteem, and pride.
A few receive awards, but all divide
the title “IRONMAN.” Great joy and pain
accompany that name: the pain is theirs;
the joy is theirs and ours, in equal shares.
– Doug Ridley, 2014

Ironman, 2015

With open hearts
We welcome IRONMAN again
It’s time to plan this years event
Make sure the word is out, the emails sent
to everyone who needs to know
And plan each venue, get committee chairs
and scan last years reports.
So we’ll not miss a tent or station
we might need. When race day’s spent
We want to say with pride
Yes, Cambridge can,
It’s for ourselves, and for the world
we do this work
It’s for the joy of being part
of men and women
straining soul and heart to win the prize
Accomplishment thats true
We’ll cheer as each one passes by the stand
And hears the words: YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!

– Doug Ridley, 2015